martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Allende asthe white house led to his death .... Patricia Verdugo

This book is about political interventions by the United States committed in Chile occurred around the 70's and how are you defining influence on the military coup of 1973 and therefore in the fall of the government of President Salvador Allende.  

Dangerous for the U.S. was one of their "natural territorial zones of influence" was a socialist republic and further, that their president was elected democratically, they feared that Chile was a second Cuba and Latin America become a communist mainland.

United States introduced a series of strategies, economic above all to generate little bit of an evil image of the president, finance with impressive amounts of money were thousands and millions of dollars which were given to the director of "Mercury" so that this conduct a campaign of terror in the population, also had an economic blockade, the CIA was involved, etc.

Caught my attention this book first by treating political issues of 1973 and the military dictatorship and also because I had an idea of ​​the U.S. intervention in Chile, but neck imagine that such a level, this book also has the characteristic of being easy reading, the author uses terms that are simple.

Many books I liked, but I think not impressed with the way that he did, this book is racomendable to culauier person that interests you or call attention to the politics and history of Chile.

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